Join the training

If you or your child want to learn how to fence, you can join now.

Just go to the club on ordinary training sessions, bringing t-shirt, long leggings and indoor rubber shoes, the rest of the equipment can be borrowed for free from the club.

As everyone trains at the same time with start at 5 pm you can even join as a family.

If you have any questions not answered on these pages, or you just want us to meet you in front of the club, send an email to or give the coach, Michael a call at 40373826.


When you start you can borrow the fencing equipment from the club. Then when you are ready you can start buying your own.

A complete set of new epee fencing equipment can run up into 4-5.000 DKK, but last for years. For kids it might be possible to buy used equipment either on facebook, or from other club members who have outgrown their clothing.

Opening Hours

Wednesday: 5 pm to 7 pm

Friday: 5 pm to 7 pm

The training is open to both adults and kids. We generally recommends that kids start after starting in school.


Meet us at Ole Rømer skolen, Selsmosen (former Selsmoseskolen), hal A. You can enter from the parking area next to Taastrup Teater, or from the football fields behind the school.

Its within walking distance from Taastrup Station, and bus 117/118 stops close by.


Membership cost 150 DKK per month, and can be paid semi-annually in October and April, or on a monthly basis.

The first training sessions are free of charge.

For advanced/competition fencers its possible to participate in extra training, including individual lessons from our Fencing Master for 175 DKK/month.


Generally fencing is a very secure sport, with few injuries.

When fencing our fencers are required to wear approved security equipment, such as masks, gloves and jackets, to prevent injuries, and are taught how to handle and behave around the weapons we use to make the sport as secure as possible.


Laith Shahrestani

University educated Fencing master in all 3 weapons (Sabre, Epee and Foil). Is currently Fencing Master for both Taastrup and Roskilde Fencing Clubs.

Michael Hansen

Fencing Coach. More than 20 years of experience as competing fencer, and have been coaching since Taastrup Fencing Club was created. Have the Danish Fencing Federation (DFF) / DIF coaching training to level 2 in Epee. DFF foil trainer from 2000.